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Direct transportation TO and FROM the airport!

Orinda Taxi

Orinda Taxi. Since 2007



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Orinda Business of the YearContra Costa Green Business Program

Cal AssemblyCalifornia Assembly

Contra Costa Council Award

California LegislatureCalifornia Legislature

Contra Costa County DistrictContra Costa County District


Orinda Green Award
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Julian Juricevic
*Founder of Orinda Taxi*



Orinda Taxi Gets Green Business Award
(Below article from Lamorinda Weekly - #23)

From the get-go five years ago, Julian Juricevic paid close attention to the impact his new business had on the environment and bought only hybrid vehicles. Now, the expanding Orinda business that serves Lamorinda and beyond was recognized by the Contra Costa Green Business Program and received a Green Business Certificate on December 15. "Orinda Taxi has successfully demonstrated full compliance with local environmental regulatory services and taken action to conserve natural resources and protect the environment," said Robin Bedell-Walte, Green Business Program Coordinator. This award follows an already impressive list of public recognition this business has won, such as Orinda Business of the Year in 2011 & the Contra Costa Best Small Business in Orinda in 2010.

Lamorinda Weekly

New Office

The Juricevics cut the ribbon of their new office: (L-R) Sandra Juricevic, Julian Juricevic, Tanja
Juricevic, Jolena Padilla Picture courtesy of the Orinda Chamber of Commerce

Chamber members and guests joined owners Tanja and Julian Juricevic and staff as they celebrated the opening of the new Orinda Taxi offices, on Wednesday, August 11. Juricevic, a long-time Orinda resident, started the business a little over three years ago with a single green, hybrid car and one driver - himself. Today, the company has six such cars, four full-time employees, and a dozen independently contracted drivers. Juricevic explains his success by the community support he receives. "People trust us because we are part of  the Lamorinda community," says Juricevic, "parents call us to pick up their kids from school, they ask us for little trips to BART when the parking is full, or for longer service to the airport. Whatever they ask, I'm happy to get up from my dinner table and make sure they'll be home on time." The move to a new office was much needed. "We needed an office away from home where we could park the taxis easily," Juricevic explains, "this new location is five minutes from BART, the drivers can leave their cars and park the taxis there and we have enough office space." Orinda Taxi has become a feature of the Lamorinda community, with cars waiting at the Orinda and Lafayette BART stations and around the Saint Mary's/Moraga area. "We like to (donate) free airport trips to local auctions and fundraisers," says Juricevic, "it is our way to thank the community for its support."

Lamorinda Weekly April 27

Orinda Taxi owner Julian Juricevic (on left) recently accepted the award for Business of the Year from the Orinda Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber also gave special recognitions to Sally Hogarty (center), the Editor of the Orinda News, and Valerie Hotz (on right), Orinda News Business Buzz columnist. Juricevic, Hogarty, and Hotz also received special recognitions from Contra Costa Board Supervisor Gayle Uilkema and State Assembly member Nancy Skinner.

Orinda News

Orinda News


Orinda Taxi,
Lamorinda's Designated Driver

feature photo

Photo Credit: M. Swan
The Orinda Taxi awaits a passenger outside of Miramonte.

October 1, 2010 • Georgia Briskey   
Filed under Feature

Compare New York City to Orinda. Both are extremely exciting and share a successful transportation business of taxis. But in Orinda, you won’t find discourteous drivers or the contingent Cash Cab. Instead, Orinda hosts the most proficient, safe, and comfortable taxi service in Contra Costa County, the Orinda Taxi.

Founded in 2007 by Julian Juricevic and his wife Tanja, Orinda Taxi provides a service for Lamorinda businessmen, the elderly, and even teens.

For some Miramonte students, the Orinda Taxi’s immediate stereotype is the late night transporter for intoxicated students. And although that stereotype is completely true, it provides a smart alternative to releasing drunk teens driving themselves home at night.

“Sometimes I lose track of how much I drink at parties, but I don’t worry too much because I can just call Orinda Taxi and get home safely,” said an anonymous junior.

The consequences of driving dangerously on the road drunk are far more severe than paying $25 for an Orinda Taxi ride. Many parents and Orinda Taxi concur that a ride from a cab remains the safest option when under any influence.

In addition to reducing nighttime car dangers and confrontations with the Orinda Police, the Orinda Taxi’s employees provide their rides with pleasure, and enjoy giving teenagers rides even at 2:30 in the morning.

“The drivers like to make jokes at me when I get in the car. I like to hear them make fun of me rather than question what I was doing that night,” said an anonymous sophomore.

Employees work shifts that fit around their schedule to ensure a happy driver for a happy ride. Orinda Taxi takes pride in their employees and hire sincere, considerate drivers. These employees prepare themselves for a night full of calls, because drunk teens provide the most business at night on weekends.

“We can deny giving drunk teenagers rides, but we choose not to. Bringing them home safely is much better than having them risk their lives on the road themselves,” said Tanja Juricevic.

The next time you see Orinda Taxi cruising the streets of Orinda, consider them your ride home after a party. Designated drivers can’t always be trusted, but Orinda Taxi can.




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